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Tribute To My Husband Sunny (Daddy)

My darling husband, you have departed this world to meet our creator – our Lord Jesus Christ who created and wedded us to be husband and wife. Although painful, I thank God for such wonderful creation and union.

Daddy, it is no exaggeration that you were a good husband, a friend and father to me and our children. We immensely thank God for your good qualities and most especially, your affectionate love and actions towards us. You were a devoted family man in a million.

 I fervently thank God for all he has helped you to achieve in your lifetime. You got to the peak of your career and everything you committed your hands on in life. You inspired and imbibed values in your children and many others. You encouraged people to work hard and effectively in whatever they do. Your belief and slogan was, reading and working hard does not kill, but rather enhances ones performance and success in life.

Your life was about peace, love, caring and selflessness. You touched a lot of hearts. You loved and sacrificed your time and joyfully helped people unconditionally. Your selflessness, peaceful nature, heartwarming jokes and humour attracted many.

You will be greatly missed by those who appreciate your goodness. I am consoled by the notion that you left a good name and legacy. You have run your life’s race, accomplished your God-sent mission and have remarkably distinguished yourself.

 It is very painful that you are gone but more comforting is the fact and acknowledgement that you have gone to rest in the bosom of the Almighty God.

Adieu, the love of my life, till will meet to part no more!

 From Your Wife Vero




Feb 11th 2018

May the smiles and blessings of God be with him

Mustapha Mohammed 


Feb 18th 2018

Brother Sunny, you will be remembered forever.  I didn't grow up in the same household as you, but I knew you were a brother who took the role of a father whenever you visited our late mother. Growing up, I knew you as a brother who always wanted the best for me and all of our siblings. How can I forget your laughter that emanates throughout the whole room as well as your constant humming that alerted everyone of your presence. You were the person everyone wished to have as a father, a brother, an uncle, or a friend. You were a disciplinarian, although you loved us very much. Brother Sunny, you were a man of unity and a man of peace. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace, my dearest brother.

Isoken Emokpae


Feb 18th 2018

Thank God for the glorious exit. May his soul rest in peace

Mrs Ige Adekemi 


Feb 18th 2018

Reading through your life accomplishment and I am in awe. I can say that you have lived a great life with so much to show for it. May your soul rest in peace. 

Wande Adedeji 


Feb 18th 2018


A life well lived, Rest in Peace.

Daniel Ofori 


Feb 19th 2018

A generational Star has relocated abode. Uncle, your time on earth was well spent. I celebrate your beautiful heart and thank God for your impactful life. May He grant you safe passage to His kingdom for eternal peace. 

Mrs Grace Erhunse


Feb 20th 2018

Quoting biblically from the scriptures,(Roman 14: 8), if we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the lord.

Dad since your death on the 28th of January, 2018 people across the world have eulogized you. Words cannot be used to describe the immeasurable impact you have made by touching so many lives.

Dad, you brought Honour, Dignity and a Feeling of Self-fulfillment to the family you left behind.

During your life time, you taught us basic core values which we cherish as a family: Integrity, Hard work, Patience, Discipline, Self-denial and Generosity.

In Education, Politics, Civil Services and the Home Front, the good Lord showed you his compassion and allowed you to break barriers.Your attitude to life attracted many people to you, forming good relationships which you sustained and protected over the years.

You lived a life that exemplified Diligence with Humility, a life worthy of Emulation. You are a Legacy and the Greatest Gift I have ever had from God.

What more can I do than to say “THANK YOU LORD”.

Dad, till we meet again, rest in external peace.

Your ever loving Son,

Vbenaye Frank Iyahen


Feb 21st 2018


Benin's and indeed Nigerians have lost a great son in the transition of Professor (Senator) Sunday Iyahen. Professor (Senator) Sunday Iyahen was a two time Senator,who robustly and intrepidly represented Benin's in the second republic (Bendel Central Senatorial District) between October and December,1983 and also in the aborted Third Republic (General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangidas diarchy) between August 1992 and November 1993.

A great teacher of Mathematics,earning a D.Sc in the much dreaded discipline and a political engineer of the realist school of thought, Professor (Senator) Sunday Iyahen in both occasions as the Senator representing the Benin's in the National Assembly, distinguished himself as a great and true servant-leader of his people. He brought erudition,rigorous intellectualism, humility and unrivaled commitment to Benin politics. A role model for all Benin's and Nigerians,especially the youth, Professor(Senator) Sunday Iyahen navigated the sharks and python riddled political aqua of Nigerian politics like a colossus and with commendable pizazz.

A world acclaimed Mathematician who taught generations of Nigerian students, African students and students from other continents, Professor Sunday Iyahen demonstrated the recusant fighting spirit of the well heeled Benin (Omo'na'biasei) and impacted positively and utilitarianly on his generation. We salute this non pareil, iconic, cosmopolitan and developmentalist political activist of our time. He truly viewed politics as the Science and Art of the possible which is service to humanity.

We call on politicians in Edo State and Nigeria in caboodle to emulate this worthy son of Africa in their politicking and electoral contestations. For Professor Sunday Iyahen,politics and electoral contests are not a do-or-die affair. He viscerally apotheosized the politics of agglutination,pro bono publico. Professor Iyahen taught us service and commitment to the welfare of our people. He remains a true, original teacher,the NWALIMU of our time. We salute you Sir. Goodnight great one. May your soul personality soar in peace profound while your exemplary humility and conduct continue to influence generations coming behind.

Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon

*Former member of the House of Representatives,

National Assembly 

*Former Leader of Edo State House of Assembly,

Edo State.

*Chief of Staff to Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshomole,

Former Governor of Edo State.


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