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Feb 21st 2018

A distinguished scholar, an accomplished gentleman who made monumental contributions to society, academia and his immediate community. His counsel, conviviality and friendship will be sorely missed. A life well lived.

Ade Longe


Feb 21st 2018


Sir, reading through your lovely profile; you have lived a very good life that is worthy of Emulation. A Gentleman to the core that you were & always very Cheerful anytime I see you. We will surely miss you. May your gentle soul and all the souls of the faithfully departed through the mercy of God rest in perfect peace. Amen. 

Osagie Amen


Feb 22nd 2018

Professor Sunday Iyahen bestrided the academic and political community like an an indomitable and impregnable colossus with its stupendous and gamut of indelible impacts. Your mien, charisma, sagacity and unquestionable intelligence endeared you to myriads of homo sapiens. Your accomplishments and legacies are larger than life. We are  consoled by your 

immutable and infallible footprints you left on mother earth.  May you continue to have eternal intercourse with divinity in you rest in paradise with your Maker!  

Imudia Graham Sunday


Feb 25th 2018

A Tribute To My Father

Dad, you have danced your last dance, warmed our hearts with your last jolly infectious laughter and bid us a glowing farewell, knowing full well that you have left the world a much better place than you found it. I am at peace knowing that you are now living in the hearts of the many lives you've touched, in a place of warmth and comfort dwelling among the angels.

As I look back, I wonder if I ever thanked you enough for all you've done - teaching me the sacred virtues of good judgement, gratitude and integrity.  You taught me the cardinal principle that hard work pays and you reap what you sow. You didn't always give me what I wanted, but you always gave me what I needed. With a special love, you taught me to believe in myself and decisions I make. The countless lessons I learnt from you are the foundations of the man I am today.  Any good thing I do, it's because of you. I count myself  lucky to be your son and to have been shepherded by your wisdom.

Daddy, your life was a blessing and your memories a treasure. You looked for the best in others and gave the best you had. You never made a fortune or made noise, in a world where men seek fame, yet, your uncompromising  principle of integrity has earned you a battalion of admirers whose lives you have touched with the sacrifices you made. You have earned your special place in heaven.

The vacuum that your loss has left behind can never be filled. You fill a space that nobody else can ever replace, but your spirit shall remain with us forever.

Adieu daddy and continue to rest in the bosom of the good Lord.

Osamede Iyahen


Feb 25th 2018

Tribute To My Beloved Brother

Words cannot explain how my heart aches for the loss of my beloved brother. This is a tremendous loss to us all. As i mourn the loss of my beloved brother, it is comforting to know that he is in a better place with our Lord. 

My dear beloved brother Professor Senator Sunday Osarumwense Iyahen, was the embodiment of simplicity, kindness, fairness and transparency. He was always there for our family and friends, and was always ready to sacrifice his time and pleasure to make sure that others can progress. At a very tender age, he assumed the leadership and piloted the affairs of our family. With his excellent sense of direction, we were all able to accomplish our goals in life. He assumed this leadership willingly because he had a vision for us all. Not only did the immediate family benefited from his guidance and leadership, our extended family and friends also benefited. His innate desire was also carried to the political arena, were others benefited from his admirable qualities.The populace saw and believed that he was an excellent human being, transparent to the core and sincere. He will always be in our hearts forever. We are blessed to be part of his immediate family. I know that you are in a better place now with our Lord my beloved brother, we miss you and I want you to know that we are grateful for all that you did on this earth. 

My beloved brother Professor Senator Sunday Osarumwense Iyahen, until we meet again, May your gentle soul rest in peace.

From Sir Knight Dr. Patrick E Iyahen, Lady Manuela Iyahen and the family


Feb 26th 2018

Prof. What a wonderful man who loved humanity. He would inconvenience himself to please others. Very consistent, reliable in relationships and hardworking. He exhibited uncommon passion for his job and loved his family so much. There was never a dull moment with you. You brought everyone together in love and unity. You had a heart of gold. I am assured you have run your race, and it was a good one. 

We are at a loss without you.

What can we do?

Rest in the Lord’s bosom.

We love you, but God loves  you more.



Feb 26th 2018

Prof. Sunday Iyahen was an excellent person. He encouraged us to go to school and he also assisted in our admission to the university. Most times, he assisted in payment of school fees as well. He was always a happy person all the time and cared about our welfare. What a great loss! He would always be remembered in our mind.

Lord Amen Osunde


Feb 26th 2018

Prof Sunday Osarumwense Iyahen, my father who paid my bills at birth. My brother who gave me a disciplinary training and education. Dad you were too responsible to the core without a fault. At my ordination as a Pastor, you came to cheer me up, when I was officiating a branch, you honour the church harvest invitation and participated to also cheer me up. 

Seeing you pass unto glory before my very eyes will be a never forgetting memory in my life and that very faithful day I called you the great man. Due to the miraculous way you gradually departed. On behalf of the family and wellwishers, I wish your soul rests in peace in the blossom of the Lord. Adieu Dad.

Pastor Ikponmwosa Iyahen


Feb 26th 2018


Chance made us family, our hearts made us friends!

Fond memories of the time we had lie deep in my heart!

May your gentle and loving soul rest in perfect peace.

Ameze Guobadia


Feb 27th 2018

Tribute To My Brother

As i write this tribute today, i am just trying to focus on the good times and not dwell on the sadness.

Brother you were the shining light in our family. As the eldest child in the family, you were an embodiment of strength to us your siblings. The  great leadership role that God bestowed on you as a first child was fully utilized as you played the role to the fullest.

You were a pillar of strength to me particularly, you impacted my life in so many way and brought the best out of me. You showed us what real love is as you embraced us with open hands and kept to the promise that our late mum left us in your care.

Brother, in you i had a brother and a father, my challenges were your challenges as you followed it to the end and made sure everything was always sorted out. You were exceptional, you had a heart of gold, a rare gem, a good role model, and a great inspiration to me.

As a little girl growing under you, the house was always endowed with your warmth as you sang this humming sound that was unique and peculiar to you alone. I always wondered if that was what you used in solving mathematics. Your life was fruitful and eventful and no doubt your dreams and aspirations were fulfilled as you got to the peak of your career. 

The last time i came to Benin, you followed me to the gate put your arms around me and we took pictures. I never knew that was the last time i would see you. Brother, you were selfless and down to earth. I would forever cherish those moments. My greatest joy was having you as a brother. 

Good night brother. May your precious soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. 

Osadebamwen Aburime  


Feb 27th 2017

Tribute To My Dad

Daddy you departed this world like a shooting star. Your entrance and exit was peculiar. You arrived on Sunday, you were named Sunday and departed on Sunday.

Sitting by your bed side on the faithful day of your departure I saw in your eyes the strength, the determination, the courage and integrity that characterized your existence here on earth. 

You boldly and graciously surmounted challenges to arrive at the pinnacle of your academic/political career; you taught me never to give up and assured me that I will be fine. Trusting in your sound judgment, I have faced life knowing and seeing that my dreams are beginning to unfold. Although you are not here today you have left a good name and legacy that myself my wife Alemye and your grand children Abraham, Abel and Jason proudly associate with.

What else can a child ask from a father? 

Testimonies abound about the lives you have impacted!” When and how did you do all this?” You epitomized “selflessness” to the core.

What else can I say? My prayers for you daddy is that your “soul” is ushered into heaven where angels, saints and sophisticated kind hearted “souls” dwell until eternity.

May your gentle soul rest in peace! Amen! 

From Ewaen, Alemye, Abraham, Abel and Jason Iyahen


Feb 27th 2018

Tribute To My Father

My father, my father, the great P.S.O. of our time, your loss has really shaken me but I was psychologically prepared for it. You went out of your way to equip me academically and prepare me for the challenges that I will face. Although we had our differences no doubt, however you did not take it beyond a father and son’s difference.

You have indeed paid your dues to humanity and our father land. Too numerous to count are the lives you have impacted and the achievement you have made. 

Father as you rest in the blossom of the lord, may God almighty grant you eternal rest Amen!

Osadolor Iyahen   


Feb 27th 2018



Your death came at a time we never expected and it is a price we all have to pay.

You always meant so much to me and will always do.

You have left a vacuum which can never be filled and although we love you dearly we could not make you stay.

Thank you for your kindness, words of wisdom and love you showered on us.

Till we meet again.

Osahon Obarogie


Feb 27th 2018

Dear Daddy, it was with so much pain and anguish that I received the news of your demise. It is hard to believe that you are no more. But I take solace in the fact that you left with us beautiful memories that will continue to linger. I remember my growing up for years at Upper Sakponba, where you taught us the essence of hard work, discipline and integrity. I can never forget how you made sure we woke up as early as 4.30AM every day to study for an hour before going to school. All the training I got from you has contributed tremendously to what I am today. You taught us that hard work pays and that there are no short cuts to success. You were a man of great intelligence, full of humour and kindness. You will be greatly missed, but I know you are resting in the bosom of the Lord.  Rest in peace daddy.




Feb 27th 2018

Prof Iyahen was one person that cared for all that came his way. He was a blessing to his generation. Prof assisted and supported many of us to fulfil our divine destiny. There is no doubt that this great personality has made an indelible mark in the sand of time. Prof was not just into academics, he was into politics and rose to become a distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

He would be remembered for his good deeds, humility, integrity and love for humanity.  

Finally, Prof Iyahen will be missed as one of the few pillars God used in building, moulding, shaping and making my life. I will ever remain grateful for his immense contributions and support.

Olushola Oyemwense


Feb 27th 2018


Today We Lay To Rest The Very Best Of Us. 

Brother Sunny as we fondly call him, was a wonderful man who was a beacon of light to the Family and Nation at large. 

Brother Sunny was undoubtedly gifted as a Mathematician. A Genius I would say. He was born with the ability to see numbers in a way most mathematically gifted could not. It seemed to come effortlessly to him. But this was not what set him apart. 

His diligence, dedication and work ethics set him head and shoulders above his Peers.  

He was always an enigma to me as I could not understand how one so effortlessly talented would put in so much hard work to make Mathematics so easy to understand to his students. Even at over the age of 70, he still insisted on lecturing and passing down his knowledge to the next generation. How selfless. 

In an age where family disputes were the norm, Brother Sunny stood out as a sole reconciliatory voice building bridges instead of walls.

As a family, we were assured of a non partisan view on whatever subject matter was brought before him. His uncanny ability to give a neutral view while still adhering to the tradition of  our land was second to none. 

We have lost the BEST of us. An irreplaceable force. 

However We shall hold all lessons learnt through your actions within us till eternity. 

May God receive your Soul in Heaven. 

Rest In Peace Brother. 

Mrs. Esohe Odugbesan 

(Nee Osaghae)


Feb 27th 2018

A Tribute to My Dad

Daddy, you’ve always been a strong, honest and dedicated family man. You sacrificed your years doing good for all who came your way. You could relate to both the lowly and the highly placed in the society. 

You were a generous man- there was always something for everyone. You were not a wealthy man but you were always contented with what you had. 

Testimonies of your generosity keep coming from far and near. You impacted lives!!

One of the virtues you taught me was contentment which you said is the key to a stress-free life. Anytime I achieved a new milestone like a new degree, certification or a promotion, you were always delighted and encouraged me to strive to achieve more.

I love everything you stood for: Honesty, Integrity, dedication, determination, focus, unity, and love for your family and your Country.

I recall the early hours of 2nd Jan, 2018 when you told me you were going to see your ‘’daddy’’ and ‘’mummy’’ on your bicycle. Little did I know you were telling me you were going on a journey of no return. 

People like you don’t die, you’ve only passed on! 

Adieu Daddy! Your legacies live on!

Omoruyi Iyahen


Feb 27th 2018

A Tribute To My Dad

What a blessing to watch and learn from you daddy. From a tender age, I watched you in different capacities both at home and outside the home- all of which you led and excelled in.

I watched how excited you get when with friends or family and you erupt into your thunderous laughter, excitedly rubbing your palms together, giggling, smiling and a bubbly “Iye mwen.” I watched how you constantly greeted everyone “koyo oh” just to pep up their day and make them feel better about themselves and what they do. 

I watched how you took on tough issues with bravery, honesty, love and wisdom even when not convenient. I observed how hard of a worker you were, how dedicated and committed you were to everything you did. With that, came resounding celebration of you from all institutions you were a part of.

I watched how loving you were to my mum. You thanked her at every opportunity. Whenever my mum prepared your food, you ate with so much appreciation while repeatedly thanking her saying – “Thank you my dear, thank you my dear”. I watched how honest you were with her and watched how you constantly woke up early to chat with her about your day and plans.

I watched you continue to be a man of the people regardless of the position you held in Senate, or academia.  You fought for those with no voice and provided for those in need despite minimal resources; like the way you opened up the gates of our home many years ago to neighbors around Ogbeide Street who needed water from our borehole or needed to use our land phone at a time when those were scarce.  

I watched as you brought family closer. You ensured that we understand the importance of family by spending time with, helping and supporting immediate and extended family every way you could. 

I watched you daddy as you grew older, a little weaker, while remaining the kind hearted and loving father, husband, brother, uncle, cousin and grandfather you are. You never wanted to inconvenience anyone while consistently thinking of ways to help others. This was who you were and age was not going to change that.

I am blessed to have had the best father anyone could ask for. I am blessed because of your bravery, wisdom, work ethic, dedication, loyalty, dependability, discipline, family values and your rock solid integrity. 

I would ask that you be my father and role model over and over. 

I love you Daddy. Continue to rest in peace.

Lilian Osasumwen Fatunla (Nee Iyahen) 


Feb 27th 2018

You were an uncle in a million! I still hear your energy bursting voice filled with warmth when you say hello, your daily morning humming that says it's going to be a good day but most especially your laughter and the hope it gave to people around you! 

May Our Lord comfort and sustain my dearest aunty and cousins now and always. 

May God Almighty keep you safe resting in perfect peace till resurrection day. Amen.!!! 

Ese Aihie (Nee Osagie)


Feb 28th 2018

He was a man of discipline. He was straightforward, honest, brilliant and very responsible. He was a man that led by example and someone to emulate.

He will be greatly missed and I am proud to be associated with the family.

Oghogho Osagie


March 1st 2018

Uncle Sunny was a fixture in our family life, whether or not he was physically present. 

To my later father, Vincent Iyahen, he represented a father figure; someone of great respect and achievements; a family, community and national leader. 

A review of Uncle Sunny's achievements shows that he belongs not only to a family but to our world. He was a thinker, an intellectual pioneer in his professional field of mathematics. He presents an era of African leaders who, despite the racism and colonial oppression that he must have experienced overcame these odds to achieve. We younger ones take for granted these incredible challenges that Uncle Sunny's generation had to confront. His fight for democracy and efforts to challenge military dictatorship was one I know of well as my father joined him in these endeavours. His legacy will live on. 

Uncle Sunny, may you rest in peace.

Isiuwa Iyahen


March 1st 2018

I wish to send condolences on behalf of myself and Dr. Ermine Belle (my mother's sister) to my Late Uncle Sunday Iyahen or should i say Uncle Sunny; Aunty Veronica and the rest of our family. 

You lived a long successful life and now you're with the ancestors. May God continue to bless the rest of the family and stay strong though this trying time.


Rest In Peace, Uncle Sunny!!

Ehimwenma Iyahen


March 1st 2018

Dear Uncle Sunny, 

You’ve touched numerous lives through academia, politics and as head of the Iyahen family. I think most people saw you as an academic or politician. I think I also saw a slightly different side of you. 

I clearly remember the beautiful humming of my uncle as he paced his house on Ogbeide Street. That humming forms an unforgettable part of my childhood memories. Also unforgettable, was reading your those mathematics text books you wrote, which were so useful through my university life. I’ve never seen such well explained math theorems. To me, they showed a different side of who you were. Someone so in love with the subject, the teaching of the subject, and the sharing of knowledge. They played hand in hand with the stories passed down through my father of who you are.

The stories of your journey and encouragement of your siblings to create better lives for themselves and most importantly for the betterment of our communities. 

You may be gone, but your memory and impact lives on in your wife, children, siblings, and children of your siblings.

Norense Iyahen


March 1st 2018

Rest In Peace my beloved big cousin. I thank my God for every remembrance of you. You were truly a blessing to me. You challenged me to excellence. You wanted everyone to succeed. You showed an exemplary life both in family and in public. You excelled academically as a professor of mathematics and you were above board in your career. Even when you were a senator, you were not tainted in any way. You were a true leader. In this day and age when many pursue money, you stayed committed to what was right.

You were a faithful husband of one wife, and a dedicated father to your children.


You will truly be missed. 

Iyobo Odiase (Nee Oyemwense)


March 1st 2018



To my dear beloved uncle and dad to us all, you were a shining example to all of us. A great role model that we will strive to emulate. Although you are now with our lord, your legacy will live on. 

You were the foundation and pillar upon which our immediate family and friends had the opportunity to establish their lives. We are proud of all your scholastic and professional accomplishments and thankful to our lord for a life well lived.

You touched many lives with your exceptional attributes and we are blessed to have experienced the life of a great man. 

May your kind and gentle soul continue to rest in peace. 

Patrick Iyahen Jr. and family


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